Famous Grammy-nominated star Andrea Bocelli will live stream his performance at Duomo of Milan, on his YouTube channel. He mentioned that this is not a concert but a prayer, which will held on account of Easter Sunday.

The mayor of Milan and the authorities of the church have invited him to the concert. He responded positively, “ I’m very happy to do this,”. He mentioned that he thinks everyone who listens to him can pray along with him. 

Organist Emanuele Vianelli will accompany him in this prayer concert. No audience will be present there as public places are closed during this coronavirus pandemic. 

His performance will air live on his YouTube channel at 1 p.m Eastern.

He mentioned that he will sing holy songs including “Sancta Maria” and Ave Maria”. 

His foundation Andrea Bocelli Foundation had started a GoFundMe fundraiser earlier. They helped the hospitals in buying essential equipment with the fund they gathered. Italy already has 135,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and is fighting hard to get out of this situation as soon as possible.