Ancient Armenian church emerges from under Lake Van – Panorama

The historic Armenian church of Archesh has emerged from under Lake Van because of receding water ranges of the lake, Asbarez reported, citing the Agos newspaper, which warned that looters could destroy the delicate construction.

The church is a part of town of Old Archesh, which was submerged underwater in 1841, when the water stage of Lake Van rose. However, because of the continued drought in Turkey, the sunken metropolis has slowly surfaced when the water retreated.

“And now, unfortunately, it is being destroyed by the excavations of treasure hunters. If no precautions are taken, another historical legacy will disappear,” scholar Sedat Ulugana wrote in an in Agos.

The creator stated that till right this moment, most individuals have been discussing the constructions contained in the fort of Old Archesh and the historic mosque, however the church has by no means been talked about.

Vandalism and looting are issues for current Armenian monuments in Turkey as a result of the federal government is ignoring their maintenance and preservation. This week, the problem of a 500-year-outdated monastery in Van was the subject of debate by Garo Paylan, an Armenian member of the Turkish parliament representing the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), who warned that treasure hunters and scavengers had been posing a risk to those historic monuments.

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