The analysts of Berenberg Bank started the coverage of shares of Omnicell (NASDAQ: OMCL) and issued a rating of ‘buy’ to their stock. 

On Tuesday, Omnicell stock hit a value of $119.02 in the stock market. The PEG, P/E, and beta are 3.55, 97.24, and 0.83. The lowest in 1 year is $54.24 and the highest is $111.29. The simple average of 50-day moving is $96.56 and 200-day is $76.62. The volume of trading shares is 117,951. 

The company issued its earnings outcome on 27th October revealing a quarterly EPS of $0.60, surpassing the $0.31 average estimate of Zacks by $0.29. They had quarterly revenue of $213.70M, beating the $208.71M consensus estimate. Their total margin is 5.42% and an equity return is 9.21%.

OMCL Stock Transactions

Benchmark promoted the price target of OMCL shares to $100 from $82 and gave a rating of ‘buy’. Wells Fargo&Co. promoted it to $84 from $74 and gave a rating of ‘equal weight’. Craig Hallum gave a rating of ‘buy’ and lifted it to $100 from $85. Piper Sandler issued a rating of ‘neutral’ and raised it to $86. OMCL has a ‘buy’ consensus rating with a price objective being $97.14. Randall Lipps, the CEO, sold off 17,500 shares at $110.56. The total amount of the sale is $1,934,800. 

First Horizon Inc raised their holdings by almost 11.7% in Q3 and own shares of value $82,000. Versant Management increased 52.4% holdings in Q3 and its shares were valued at $31,000. Magnus Group owns shares of value $276,000 and Oregon Fund raised its holdings by 2.3% and owns $1,303,000 worth of shares. Hedge funds and institutional investors own a 98.99% OMCL stock.