The Eastman Kodak Company is the common new company usually referred to as Kodak Co. KODK is based in the United States.

KODK experienced a positive stock market day on 4th December, Friday when their shares abruptly increased by 4.15% resulting in closing at a price of $7.53. 

After seeing an increase, there was a sense of optimism amidst the investors and their eyes are fixed on what they hope is a fruitful time for KODK stock.   

Valuation Of KODK Stock

Approximately shares amounting to $3.95 M had been traded across the stock market with a number of 16,504 transactions within the span of a single day while comparing this with the share volume of the average daily among the entire floating 77.16 M shares in the market.

KODK opened at a value of $7.29 on the day of trading and managed to remain within the margin of $7.65 and $7.23 for the New Common Kodak Company.

Looking at this gain, the company presently shows the market cap stands at $581.04 M. The range of trading has been between $60 and $1.50 for the past one year.

The company runs through numerous business sectors including Business Park, Film & Imaging, Enterprise Inkjet, Print Systems, Kodak Software, 3D Printing, and Advanced Materials Technology.

The segment of print systems has derived most of the revenue by providing a range of traditional and digital services and products to several businesses like book publishing and commercial print and contributed more than half the entire revenue.