The shares of DKS have been given the rating of hold by close to twenty-nine analysts who have worked on the stocks of the company. According to reports, three of the analysts have already given the stocks a rating of sell, while twelve of them have given it a rating of hold. Around ten analysts have given the stocks of the company a rating of buy, with one single analyst giving it a strong buy rating. The price target of the company over a period of a year has been set at $56.08. 

The Quarterly Earnings of DKS

There have been quite a few research analysts who have commented on the stocks of the company. The UBS group has already increased the price objective on the shares of this company going from $61 to $64 while giving the company a rating of neutral. Robert W. Baird has also elevated the price target of the company, going from $58 to $64, and a neutral rating on the company in a research report that was sent out on the 24th of November.

Zacks Investment Research has also increased the rating of the company from hold to strong-buy, along with a price target of $68 on the company’s stocks. The Royal Bank of Canada has increased the price target on the stocks of the company from $62 to $65 in a 27th November research report. Raymond Hames has also reiterated their sell rating on the shares of DKS. 

The shares of DKS opened on Thursday at $56.36. The year low of the company has been $13.46, while the year high has been fixed at $63.29. The quick ratio of the firm is 0.48, with the debt-to-equity ratio fixed at 0.19.