Among Us
Among Us

‘Among Us’ is a game based on a murder mystery set in space and was first launched in 2018. During this COVID-19 pandemic, gamers have been indulging in the group game that was one of their favorite pastimes in this year of 2020.

In fact, ‘Among Us’ had become so wildly popular that it made a huge impression by making its presence felt in a large way across the social media platforms with the announcement on Tuesday that it will now be available on Nintendo Switch as well.

Wild Popularity of ‘Among Us’

In the previous month of November, this game had managed to garner approximately half a billion gamers all over the world, which has been a great achievement for the game. In the month of October, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democratic Congresswoman, had also joined the band of gamers playing ‘Among Us’ and had indulged in the game herself. She played it on the platform of Twitch where it was streamed live from Amazon for the purpose of engaging and attracting more youth to vote in the US presidential election held on 3rd November.

Like ‘Among Us’, Mafia is also another group game based on social deduction skills. All these kinds of games involve a few innocent characters who are living their daily life as killers with hidden identities commit their crimes during the night. Following the murder, the group of guiltless people tries to determine the guilty person and remove the imposters before losing the majority.

Nintendo’s announcement on Tuesday stated that it will be available on mobile phones and PC but not on consoles. ‘Among Us’ will charge $5 from the users of Switch. It can be played with the support of local Wi-Fi and online multiplayer in order to enhance the group gaming experience.