Amnesty International the other day condemned the United States’ support for Israel’s plans to annex big swathes of the inhabited West Bank.

The civil liberties guard dog claimed the US’ “firm support to Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank shows how both the U.S. and Israel see themselves as above the law”, including that “such a step offers the Israeli authorities the greenlight to continue violating international laws.”

“Such plans will not change the legal obligations of Israel, as the occupying power, under international humanitarian law and international human rights law, nor deprive Palestinians of protections guaranteed under these legal frameworks,” it added Twitter.

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It gotten in touch with the global area to turn down the Israeli strategy “to unlawfully annex parts of the occupied West Bank, which violate international law, and reiterate the illegality of Israeli settlements in occupied territory.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo checked out Israel for numerous hrs on Wednesday throughout which he introduced his nation’s support for Israel’s addition strategy, including that Israel will certainly “decide when and how it will annex the territories”.

According to Palestinian price quotes, the Israeli addition will certainly influence greater than 30 percent of the West Bank location.

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