American Song Contest
American Song Contest

American Song Contest was one of the most enthralling musical battles held recently. The competition saw singers and rappers from all-round the country participating to aim for glory. This was the first edition of the show and it continued for eight weeks straight. The contest witnessed singers from various genres of music showcasing their talents. The stage for the grand final saw ten finalists battle it out among themselves for musical supremacy. The contest initially had fifty-six participants, out of which, forty-six were eliminated.

Winning a contest for the first time is always a great feat to achieve. Everybody wants to be number one in the books of history, but only a few get the chance to fulfill their dream. Alexa, the girl from Oklahoma did exactly that. She managed to bag the victory by outclassing all the other nine opponents. However, the road was not at all smooth for Alexa.

The voting process of the contest was a replica of how things were done in the “Eurovision Song Contest”. The participants would be judged by two parameters. The first one would be by the judge’s votes. The second judgment would depend solemnly based on votes cast by the fans. Let us learn more about the American Song Contest in detail below. 

American Song Contest Clinched By Alexa 

American Song Contest for the first season is done and dusted. Alexa has walked away with the victory pretty convincingly.

However, Oklahoma was lagging far behind after the announcement of judges’ votes. Washington State was in the lead as the fans rejoiced. However, the audience panel proved to be a game-changer. 

Alexa received a staggering amount of votes to rise to the top spot. She has been crowned the champion of the inaugural season. Alexa expressed her happiness in winning the American Song Contest.

She said that did not lose heart after Oklahoma was pegged back in the first round.