On Monday, American Airlines regulated their policies to combat the ongoing pandemic by following proper safety measures. 

Delta Airlines made it mandatory for its employees to wear masks. They also mandated the distribution of face masks to passengers.  

Reportedly, New-York based airline, JetBlue Airways will implement its new policies from 4 May. Considered to be one of the firmest moves by the US in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic; the cabin crew and the passengers will have to cover their faces with masks while on board.

Calling it a new etiquette, JetBlue’s President Joanna Geraghty said, “Wearing a face covering isn’t about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting those around you.” 

American Airlines step up policies

Starting May, American Airlines will provide face masks to passengers. It will also ensure the sanitization of passenger wipers. The airlines added that nearly 30,000 cabin crew members were mandated to wear face masks on board.

Fort Worth, Texas-based American Airlines will also initiate new cleaning methods. It includes disinfecting seat belt buckles, galleys, tray tables, jump seats, seat-back screens, and surfaces in the cockpit.

Applauding the frontline workers, senior vice president of American Airlines, Kurt Stache assured them of all the protective equipment required to fight the virus.

With the rise of the coronavirus scare, labor unions of airlines have been demanding strict precautionary measures against the spread of the virus. Reportedly, travel by air has dropped by 95% compared to the previous year due to the worldwide travel restrictions.

According to the new norms of Delta, Tuesday onwards, maintaining a six feet distance between employees and passengers is mandatory. When social-distancing is not possible, face covering is a must. Delta will try out its new norms till 30 June and update accordingly.

Four Delta officials said in a staff memo, viewed by CNBC, that face masks will be available for the passengers in the gates, ticket counters, and onboard.

Last week, United Airlines made it necessary for its flight attendants to cover their faces on duty.