With the reopening of businesses after the coronavirus restrictions, cinema halls like Cinemark, AMC, and Regal Cinemas are under fire because of their policies on wearing masks. The theatres have announced that they will encourage customers to cover their faces with masks, however, it is not compulsory. 

AMC has mentioned that they will make their employees follow the regulations of wearing masks, but customers need only to wear masks if their current cities or states require them to wear one. AMC CEO and President Adam Aron mentioned that it would affect the sales if they forced customers to wear masks. He mentioned to Variety that they avoided a political controversy, and decided on this policy, as it would have the opposite effect if people not believing in the importance of masks were made to wear one. 

New York Times critic A.O.Scott tweeted, “so instead of ‘a political controversy’ AMC will opt for an ethical catastrophe.” Spokesperson Symone D. Sanders, who worked for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, mentions canceling her AMC membership, after the tweet.

AMC opens on July 15 with 75 percent of its theatres and will make all theatre associates follow the safety norms. They will be made to wear masks, and there will also be regular temperature checking, along with a health screening before the shift. AMC will sell masks and sanitizers with facial coverings costing $1.