Amazon Pharmacy is newly launched for the delivery of prescribed medications to the doorstep of US citizens and offer free delivery to Prime members.

Amazon had been contemplating on opening their pharmacy sector since 2017, despite cut-throat competition in that space. After they acquired PillPack (2018), the company extended the infrastructure by adding the software of pharmacy, created health plans, and set-up warehouses.

The announcement of Amazon Pharmacy on Tuesday indicated a huge threat to conventional pharmacies including Walgreens and CVS, and big retailers like Walmart, which makes it a $300 billion industry.

Following the inauguration of Amazon Pharmacy, CVS declined by 8.6%, Walgreens saw a decrease of 9.6%, Rite Aid dropped by 16.2%, and GoodRx slid by 22.5%.

Since Americans are opting for home-delivered medication due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, Amazon Pharmacy has been launched at an opportune time.

Amazon Pharmacy Details

45 US states excluding Illinois, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Kentucky, will be able to access Amazon pharmacy services. However, citizens must be above 18 years.

Insurance of all forms will be accepted and non-insurance citizens can grab saving offers. Customers are allowed to pay through their usual savings account or any other health account as well.

Details regarding their age, gender, pregnancy, etc. will be asked before customers order for the very first time.

Amazon Pharmacy allows doctors to send the prescriptions directly or get it transferred from other retailers.

Non-Prime members can avail of free delivery within 2-days by paying $5.99.

They have a way to ascertain real prescriptions against frauds and offer online pharmacy assistance.

Prime members will save a lot and avail additional benefits.