Allison Janney
Allison Janney

Allison Janney, the actress, was seen in an episode of Celebrity IOU. She was in the show’s Monday episode. The show reveals that Allison Janney gifted a home makeover to Ilana, her assistant. The way her home is done is exactly according to her wishes.

Celebrity IOU is hosted by two twins, Drew and Jonathan Scott. They are both 42-years-old. In the show, the hosts along with Allison Janney can be seen getting dirty while doing the demo makeover. The time limit to complete the renovation was very less. Everything had to be done within just three and a half weeks.

Allison Janney, The Most Glamorous Demolisher

The 61-year-old Allison made the entire proceedings glamorous, for the first time. She put on a red dress that went down to the floor and paired it with construction boots. She added that getting dressed gets her into her best productive mood.

One of the hosts, Drew, seemed to be quite impressed by the six-time Emmy winner. He mentioned that this was the first time in history that somebody dressed up in an evening gown and grabbed the sledgehammer for demolition.

The reason that made Allison Janney do things on her own is quite emotional. The actor has a great bond with her assistance, Ilana. She has been assisting Allison for about 20 years. They both began knowing each other since The West Wing, the TV show on NBC. This show proved to be a big break for the actress.

Ilana had the working experience from the real West Wing of the White House. She was the one to advise Allison when the show ran. That was between the year 1999 to 2006.

Ilana was taken as an assistant very reluctantly by the actor. That was because at that time she felt like she was not at the point where she could have an assistant.