Sources privy to ESPN have notified that major baseball camps in the country have shut down. This is due to most camps reporting positive Coronavirus results amongst their members.

According to USA Today, most of the spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona have been closed in order to ensure deep cleaning, and players of these teams have to test negative in order to get back in the team again.

The Philadelphia Phillies too shut down their unit at Florida after a few players and staff contracted the virus. 5 miles from Phillie’s training facility, the Toronto Blue Jays too closed down their facilities in Florida, after witnesses found a player showing the same symptoms. The Texas Rangers decided to close their Arizona facility to spread awareness amongst their fans and players.

As of recent reports, none of the players or staff of the Rangers have exhibited such symptoms.

James Click, the GM of Houston Astros mentioned that a player in touch with the facility had tested positive a few days back. The team affirmed that the player had been showing signs of the virus and had to be isolated. The official statement from the club was that the MLB had been informed in advance, and proper protocol was being followed.

The shutdowns are the latest in the ongoing kerfuffle that the MLB is trying to contain. Along with struggles and conflicts in negotiating player deals, now they have to contain the virus that shows no signs of containment.

Most teams have decided that they would organize spring training in their own ballparks.