Lenovo is clearly trying to enter the gaming industry with a bang. The Weibo account of Lenovo promoted the Legion gaming smartphone and it hinted on the specifications of the handset. The focus was put on the charging capacity of the phone. And what seemed to be a rumor has come true.

The rumor regarding the Lenovo Legion series was that it was coming with a 90W charging capacity. People thought it was just a marketing gimmick. If it turned out to be true, it would probably be a total of the charging capacity when it was combined with wireless and wired charging. 

But the company has confirmed that Lenovo is coming up with an amazing charging speed. Surprisingly, it will not be reserved only for the Pro models. Rather, the superior charging capacity will be present in all the Legion series phone models. 

This was something new for the audience. Most marketers boast about the charging capacity and keep different capabilities for the normal model and the Pro/Plus model. Lenovo has been true to its statement and has captured the hearts of the fans with one sweep.