Alev Aydin
Alev Aydin

Halsey, the pop singer, is pregnant. The “Closer” singer made the announcement of her pregnancy this Wednesday. She took over the social media platform, Instagram, to do so. In the post that she shared, she tagged the father of her baby, Alev Aydin.

Alev Aydin, the soon to be baby-father commented on her post. He seemed to be expressive about his love for Halsey. She referred to Halsey as “sweetness”. He wrote that he loves her. To this, Halsey commented that she loves both Alev and the baby which was growing inside of her.

Details Of Alev Aydin

Alev Aydin is Turkish. Halsey has posted about the homeland of her baby father. She had shared beautiful pictures of the Turkish landscapes. Aydin made a post over his Instagram where he talked about his motherland in the caption. He wrote about his journey to his country which was not a very good one this time, owing to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Alev Aydin is also the person behind the TV series called “Small Shots”. The series is aired by Netflix. The show had a total of eight episodes and was released in the year 2017. He has worked in other shows like Turbo and Joey which was released in the year 2013. Alev Aydin is also the executive producer of “HipMen: Los Angeles”.

According to sources, Halsey and Alev Aydin had been together for a couple of months. Aydin is a 37-year-old screenwriter. Sources also said that the couple was so in love with each other. They had been living together for a while at Halsey’s house. they were happy all these days and wanted to keep things private. And both of them love watching basketball games and are the Lakers’ fans.