Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is an excited father. He will be welcoming another baby this year with his wife Hilaria Baldwin. This would be the seventh child of the actor. Baldwin seemed very much happy while announcing the news of Hilaria’s pregnancy.

Watching Alec happy is surely a great relief for his fans. The actor has been plagued by one of the biggest controversies in recent years. While rehearsing for a shoot in the film “Rust”, Baldwin unknowingly fired a gun at Halyna Hutchins.

To everybody’s shock, Hutchins could not survive the bullet and passed away. This led to a series of investigations and Alec was at the center of it. He was called up several times by the police.

Alec also had to surrender his cellphone to the police for investigation purposes. Things went so much worse than Hilaria Baldwin had to ask the reporter to leave Alec alone. Thus, watching him beam with happiness was great news.

Alec Baldwin said that he cannot wait to welcome their seventh baby. Let us know more about the story in detail below. 

Alec Baldwin Explains Why He Loves Having Kids 

Alec Baldwin was asked by fans about how he managed to gel with such a large family. Alec stated that although managing so many kids was challenging, he is totally up for it.

Alec said that he likes his house filled with the sounds of his kids playing and chattering.

Alec valued parenting significantly. He said that being a father was one of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man. 

Alec Baldwin recently posted a video on social media. The video shows one of Alec’s little ones playing with the front camera of the cell phone turned on.

He captioned the video by saying that these were the moments that made him happy. Fans adored the video and wished him luck for his upcoming baby.