Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one of the greatest actors of modern times. He has appeared in a number of movies and has garnered a lot of fans. 

However, the past year has been extremely rough for the actor. Baldwin had the worst possible 2021 and the ghost does not seem to leave him yet. 

It all started when Alec was shooting for a movie named “Rust”. The actor was rehearsing one of his scenes which required a gunshot. Alec casually picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. 

The gun was supposed to be a mere prop with no bullets. Much to the horror of everyone in the set, a bullet got fired. One of the crew members, Halyna Hutchins was hit by the bullet. 

She was immediately given medical care and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors could not save her and Halyna passed away. Alec Baldwin has since then been interrogated several times by the police. 

Fans have also criticized and abused the actor. The most recent incident involved the lawyers of Halyna Hutchins. They have lashed out at Baldwin and are suing him. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Alec Baldwin Criticized By Lawyers 

Alec Baldwin has been sued by Halyna Hutchins’ family. The lawyers stated that it was due to carelessness from Alec that made Halyna lose her life. 

In a recent statement, the lawyers slammed the actor. According to reports, Baldwin claimed that Hutchins had asked Alec to shoot the gun in her direction. 

The lawyers stated that there was no such evidence of Halyna saying so. 

Baldwin has also been rebuked by the lawyers for saying that Hutchins’ family was the reason the filming of ” Rust” could not be completed.