Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is a Namibian politician who recently won the election. After winning the election, he gave the statement that he has no familial or ideological connection with the Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. Just because his name resembles the late extremist leader, does not mean that he has any future plans of dominating the world.

Adolf Hitler is from the SWAPO party. This time he earned more than 85% of the votes in Oshama, for the election to the regional council.

The Story Behind The Name Adolf Hitler Uunona

Namibia lies in the Southwestern part of Africa. It was one of the former colonies of earlier Germany. Due to this fact, they are some streets and family titles that resemble the German dialect.

What Adolf Hitler had to say about his one-of-a-kind name was that it was given to him by his father. He also told the Bild that his father was totally unaware of what the name stood for. Even he had no idea about the impact of the name when he was younger. Adolf Hitler stated that he came across the reality of his name, only when he was in his teenage.

The Namibian politician made it known that his wife him by his first name. He also clarified that he prefers to be known as Adolf Uunona, but it is too late now as he is already widely popular as Adolf Hitler.

The newly elected politician also clarified that he has no plans for taking over both Oshana, the Namibian region, or, the world itself.

Though the SWAPO party of Hitler Uunona earned 57% of the votes, this was a decline from the earlier percentage of votes they had won in the 2015 regional elections, which was 83%.

Hitler Uunona alone earned 1,196 votes, in the regional council, a strong number as compared to his opponent who won just 213 votes.