adam kinzinger
adam kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger, the Illinois Rep., has now become one of the most popular Republican Lawmakers who not just spoke out against Donald Trump. He also was one of the 17 from the political party who went in favor of the Democrats by voting against Donald Trump for his second impeachment. All 17 Republicans have been receiving backlash from their party members, voters and supporters as well. But one that has gained the most attention is Illinois Rep. 

Adam Kinzinger received letters from several of his family members, he revealed in a profile for The New York Times. He said that many of them had disavowed him since the vote for impeachment last month. The Rep. is 42 years old. As per the newspaper Times, over eleven members of the Rep.’s family have signed the letter. These included his cousins as well as his parents. The six-term voted Congressman also spoke about the letters as well as the contents in them. He then reacted to it by giving his opinions. 

Adam Kinzinger’s Reaction To The Letter

Adam Kinzinger’s letter called him a “disappointment” to both his family as well as to “God.” It went on to say that the Illinois Rep. had “embarrassed” the entire family and the name “Kinzinger.” Other contents in the letter stated that Donald Trump isn’t perfect, referring to him as the President, and mentioned how nobody is ever perfect, including the Congressman and his family members. 

The politician said that the letter from his family resulted from their “brainwashing” by churches that are conservative. He said that he had nothing against them yet. But also added that he had no intention to go ahead and repair any of this— and that he did not care as much if it would be restored. He said that to repair things in the family, it would be their responsibility, not his. He further commented on the party, referring to it as a litmus test and saying it was “sick” right now. He also further added that he was already looking forward to quitting the Republican Party this year. 

Adam Kinzinger concluded by saying he would “fight like hell” first to save it all.