Rege-Jean Page
Rege-Jean Page

It can be said that Rege-Jean Page grew up as a disruptor. When he was a kid in school, he was in a punk rock band. They did not name the band. He said that he grew up questioning everything that he saw. Rege Jean Page is the kind of person who interprets the world according to his thoughts.

Rege-Jean was the one who booked Chicken George’s role in the remake of Roots, the miniseries, in the year 2016. He was aware of taking responsibility for the weight of the cultural influence that the original miniseries had in society. The actor knew that he was taking up something that was known for an influential change in society. That happened in 1977, the year when the original miniseries was introduced.

Reasons For Rege-Jean Page

Rege-Jean Page, the British actor, spoke on his journey concerning the Roots remake. He compared his experience to an old, precious coat that belonged to someone else. He said that it was as if someone brought that coat to him telling him to mend it, in order to be worn in the current era. Rege-Jean further added that his reply to that would be that he would put in his best effort. The reason for this was because it meant so much to that person.

The actor spoke on his career during a Zoom call in the month of November. He said that he made his debut in the industry with the character of an enslaved person. Rege-Jean Page pointed out that these kinds of characters were mostly allotted to the people of color. And so, he decided to change his choice of character since then. He started looking for projects that celebrated the joyous life of the Black people. He specifically mentioned period dramas. That was because, according to him, people of color are not included in the casts of these genres.