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Activism phone booth installed in Benson

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – We live in a period of activism. People around the world are taking a stand for their beliefs and to make changes they want politicians on the side. One Benson installment is rendering it easier for citizens to have ahold of these Representatives.

A giant pink installment is just a civics lesson in a box. The creator tells 6 News that this was an easy way to have her community involved in improving their lives.

“I had the time. We had the time we had the platform so I think we should use it for good,” said Annie Butler, President of BFF Omaha.

Annie Butler helped create this hot pink phone box. An invitation — a call to action.

“It’s bright pink you can’t miss it,” said Butler.

Inside you’ll find literature with home elevators what area leaders can best help with problems you find crucial.

“It was a long time ago that I took a civics class and I don’t even know that we went into this much detail,” said Butler.

Bradley Moore lives across from the phone booth and contains been excited to start to see the impact in his neighbor hood.

“If you can see just how easy it is to let your voice be heard you are going to be more likely to make the kind of change that you want to see in the area you live in,” said Moore.

You’ll find phone numbers for city and state leaders, scripts that help you discover ways to have a conversation with leaders, and encouragement to take the initial step in community engagement.

“Having that type of information altogether just makes it super simple super easy and it lets you focus on the issue and not focus on wasting a lot of your time trying to Google search every other phone number for each individual department,” said Moore.

This may be the first booth of its kind in Omaha, Butler hopes it isn’t the final. For her, it’s the initial step in making certain her neighbors can fight for conditions that are important in their mind.

“I think that things need to change a lot of things need to change and I think the system is set up to be a little bit… it’s not very inviting. It’s not easy you have to seek out that information so I’m hoping to make it easier for other people,” said Butler.

So, when you visit at 62nd and Maple you can grab information on civics, the census, and elections. Of course, they also offer wipes to ensure you can practice your civic duty safely.

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