The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has done what the West could not even after years of post – Cold war summits which are changing the policies of the West towards Russia.

The continuing war between Russia and Ukraine has shown the world the courage, will, and tenacity of Ukraine. This current situation has also shown the world what blind hatred can do as showcased by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The West has supported Ukraine by giving them weapons and ammunition and all other means and it can be said that they’ve indulged in a proxy war against Russia.

The USA and its allies have come together to put sanctions on Russia and after last week the number of sanctions would increase or decrease depending on every move that Putin makes. Russia’s Central Bank has been cut off from US Dollar Transactions and put a ban on Russian banks out of the SWIFT global financial network.

Germany has pledged to Olaf Scholz the new Chancellor of NATO that they will exceed the required defense targets of NATO and will help in getting arms to the Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian troops. Germany has also stopped the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that supplies Russian gas to Western Europe. Putin’s close ally Viktor Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister has sided with the European Union Leaders. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has also appealed for the 1930s convention which can block Russia’s Black Sea operations. 

Zelensky Is Lauded After His Heroics

With every close ally turning against Putin, situations are getting dire for Russia but it’s not the same for Ukraine as the Ukrainian leader is getting lauded by the people from every corner of the world for his heroism, bravery, and staunch stance against Russia. In a recent CNN poll, 83% of Americans said they are in favor of more economic sanctions against Russia and 17% are not in agreement.  

 Zelensky has shown his character in the time of need which many officials doubted looking at his fervent call for help before the invasion has changed as he stood his ground, as some of the European officials reported that he was denials changed into heartfelt appeals for help. It is a moment that every countryman of Ukraine will remember Zelensky for.

Zelensky is not just making history he is also standing tall in front of tyranny that could be placed alongside Cold War dissidents, Lech Walesa and Imre Nagy, the