Howard Stern
Howard Stern

Howard Stern is facing a blow of accusations! Yes. The DJ whose net worth is much more than a million now faces allegations of workplace toxicity. Some of Stern’s former staff even labeled him to be ‘worse than Ellen DeGeneres’ when it came to working with him.

Accusations Labelled Against Howard Stern 

There were reports that according to somebody from his industry, Stern was way worse than Ellen. Previously the television personality had made a comment on Ellen, from the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show. This happened when there were allegations made about Ellen being toxic in the work environment.

A recent report issued by Meaww also encourages the claims made on Stern. The television personality is said to have mistreated Scott Salem, an engineer who worked at the Howard Stern Show for a very long time. It happened when Scott was directed by his bosses to not involve the name of Stern or his show while creating a page to support his wife who was unwell. The name of the page was GoFundMe.

Robyn, Salem’s wife had Hodgkin’s lymphoma since the year 2013. The treatment caused the family to be financially exhausted. This took place despite insurance benefits. Despite the fact that Stern was in no way, involved in the campaign, Salem raised USD 73,000. However, according to the insiders, Stern was unhappy about everything.

Reports say that Salem was then moved to another floor and then was eliminated from the scripts of the show. He was a victim of the silent treatment. later when Robyn passed away in 2018, Howard Stern expressed his condolences through the mail.

Howard Stern is associated with the epithet, ‘Penny-Pincher’, by some former staff of his.