A youth pastor from Aurora, Andrew Coffield, fighting with Coronavirus, celebrated his Eater from the hospital this year. First Apostolic Church’s priest, Andrew, battled with the disease for 13 days.

Andrew (29) is known to love singing in church services. “I’m a vocal person and I made sure my nurses heard me because I wanted them to know I wasn’t just there to sleep. I was there to do business and to fight,” said Coffield.

Chelsea Coffield, Andrew’s wife, doctors had declared a 50% possibility of survival for Andrew. But he miraculously recovered and returned home on the weekend of Easter.

A Youth Pastor from Aurora with Coronavirus had Less Than a 50% Chance of Survival on a Ventilator. Sunday He Celebrated Easter with His Family

In March, Andrew and his family had traveled to Grand Blanc, Michigan, his hometown.

Andrew felt the initial symptoms of Coronavirus on 22 March and self quarantined for 7 days. Meanwhile, his X-ray report of the chest said he contracted pneumonia and had low oxygen levels. He was on a ventilator at a hospital in Michigan. 

He returned home at Michigan on Thursday.