A teen who spent ten hours cleaning up after a protest in Buffalo and rewarded with a car and a college scholarship

He started at 2 a.m. on Monday and failed to stop cleaning for another 10 hours. When an organized band of neighbors arrived later that morning to start out clearing the damage, they found that Gwynn had already done the majority of the work.

Gwynn is an 18-year-old high school senior. He told CNN he saw on the local news that Bailey Avenue in Buffalo was covered in glass and garbage, and he knew people needed seriously to use that street to access work in the morning.

When word spread of how Gwynn single-handedly took action, his community responded.

Matt Block saw Gwynn’s story on the news and decided to give him his prized 2004 red Mustang convertible. Block, 27, told CNN the car is one that he wanted since he was a daughter or son, but today he is only using it periodically. He saw Gwynn request some car buying suggestions about Facebook, and Matt made a decision to offer up his sports car.

It turns out that gift has more meaning than Block ever imagined. Gwynn’s mother, who passed away in 2018, also drove a red Mustang. When that he realized the coincidence, Gwynn says he was so shocked that he “didn’t have any words,” and Block says it gave him “goosebumps.”

Local businessman Bob Briceland learned of Block’s gift, and he made a decision to extend a year of free car insurance coverage through his insurance company.

“I just felt compelled to help him out. We just need to get together our whole city and show people how there’s so many good people here,” Briceland told CNN affiliate WKBW.

After senior school, Gwynn decided to go to trade school while saving up to go to college. Upon hearing Gwynn’s story, Medaille College in Buffalo offered him a full scholarship where he plans to study business starting this fall. One of his many career goals is always to open a cleaning business.

This could be the first time Gwynn received this kind of recognition for his good deeds, but this is not initially he stepped up to greatly help others. He is a member of Kappa Phi where he enjoys doing community service, and he helps out at churches.

Gwynn is thankful for town response, saying, “I appreciate everything everyone is doing for me.”

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