LA Times reported the death of a 57-year-old woman as the first direct coronavirus related death in the USA. The woman had no existing medical condition and was sound of health, reports say. 

Patricia Dowd, the deceased took proper care of her body, while maintaining a strict diet. Taking into account her athletic background, one can assume that this woman really took care of her health, which her brother Rick Cabello reiterated. 

But according to the LA Times, Patricia Dowd appeared to have the symptoms of flu which went away seemingly later. Her brother came to know about her Flu because she told him how she wouldn’t be able to make the trip to her home in Stockton. 

Interestingly, Dowd has had a history of world travel, but when initially tested, she recorded a negative result of COVID-19. Authorities believe that she contracted the virus through the community, even if she herself wasn’t the carrier. 

Dowd started working from home as her condition improved and had been in touch with a colleague around 8 a.m. on the day of her death. She was found dead about two hours later, according to the Los Angeles Times.