In quite a dramatic fashion, Mike Pence denied that Trump’s tweets about liberating the people of Michigan, Virginia had anything to do with spreading dissent regarding the lockdown order issued by the various states. 

When asked if Trump was actively trying to subvert the power of the states as they were trying to tackle the issue of the global pandemic, the Vice President quickly denied such accusations and stated that the President was simply trying to reopen the economy in a safe way. 

“We’ll continue to work with governors to make sure that they have the guidance, that they have the counsel and they have the resources to accomplish that,” Pence said.

Ironically, most of the governors don’t really have a problem with people protesting on the streets. The Governor of Ohio, for instance, has made it very clear that he believes in the First Amendment which allows differing opinions to prosper in the same land. Their main worry is that the protesters might end up killing people by not observing social distancing which is the only requirement in these trying times. 

Most of the governors have rather complained about the high expectations the Trump government is setting before all to ease up on restrictions.