You don’t have to be a fan of magic to know about the famous magician, Dynamo. The British magician has often captured the headlines with levitating himself beside a double-decker bus in London and walking on water like Jesus Christ across the Thames. 

But the 37-year-old famous magician, Steven Frayne, who goes by the name, Dynamo, has done something as his grand finale stunt which makes every other stunt pale in comparison. The grand finale was for his show, “Dynamo: Beyond Belief” which was released on Sky One, this week. As the onlookers looked on, Dynamo seemed to pass through a U.S.-Mexico Border Wall section. 

According to a witness, the gap which was used to pass through was smaller than a fist. It was impossible for any person to wriggle out of it. But it seems like Dynamo did the impossible.

For effect, his cap was left on the US soil.

On his Instagram, Dynamo mentions that this stunt was the riskiest of all the stunts he has attempted by far. 

This new series of Dynamo is part magic and part documentary. He talks about how he struggled with Crohn’s Disease and how he had to go out of the limelight after a severe food poisoning in 2018. He had also tested positive for the coronavirus and urged the public to stay at home – the only way to curb the spread of this virus.