The Philippine airline crash, Lionair occurred in Manila. The plane that took off at Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Sunday (3/29/2020) night exploded on the runway.

Eight people were reported to have been killed. Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) confirmed that no survivors of a plane crash at NAIA, as quoted by the Manila Bulletin website, Sunday (3/29/2020).

As quoted from Xinhua, sources said, the RPC 5880 aircraft operated by Lionair Inc., caught fire at around 20:00 at night local time.

Lionair Inc is a Philippine company that provides chartered aircraft and helicopters.

Initial reports indicate that the aircraft, with four crew members consisting of doctors, nurses and Canadian citizens believed to be patients and an American colleague, were heading to Haneda Airport in Japan on a medical evacuation flight.

Witnesses said the plane caught fire on takeoff.

The airport fire brigade reported having difficulty taming the fire. The plane is loaded with 4 tons of fuel.

Investigators said the leak allegedly caused the plane to explode.

Quoting Phill Star, the aircraft is registered as IAI 1124A Westwind II – heading to Tokyo International Airport by medevac flight or medical flight. The plane is known as a charter airline owned by general airline Lionair which operates in the Philippines with an operating base in Pasay City.