Health Benefits
Health Benefits

Do you spend most of your time sitting? Sometimes that might be the nature of your job. And you can’t avoid it because bills have to be paid.

However, spending so much time sitting can be dangerous to your health. It can lead to spinal cord issues and neck problems as well.

It can even be more dangerous to stay under one posture for a long time. For this reason, you need adjustable height desks to help you quickly change from one posture to another.

Here are some benefits of these types of desks.

  1. Increases productivity

Productivity is essential, especially if you are working from home. It would help if you had something that makes it interesting to work without feeling tired of being in one position. Did you know that how comfortable your body is determines your results at work?

Being able to change positions from sitting at one position can help you do some tasks faster and better, e.g., typing. Besides the positive impact on your physical activity, height adjustable desks are useful in mood-boosting. This is crucial in increasing your productivity.

2. Reduces back pain

Research suggests that one of the best ways to beat inactivity is using adjustable desks. Some of the common complaints among office workers and work from home guys are back pains and neck pains.

Stress in the lower back can result in back pain. This means that changing positions is crucial to avoid such issues. The disease control center also published a different study, which shows that standing desks can reduce 54% of neck pain and upper back pain.

 3. It helps one to have better well-being

Using these types of desks helps one to have a healthier life. Did you know that those who spend time sitting in one position have a higher risk of getting anxiety and depression?

According to a seven-week study, people who used height-adjustable desks had less fatigue and stress than those who worked seated daily. Working without stress makes work enjoyable and easier accomplished.

Those who also worked using standing desks claimed that they had more energy. Furthermore, their moods dropped when they were told to use their old working desks. For this reason, height-adjustable desks can be great mood boosters at work.

4. Lower risks of developing cardiovascular diseases

Sitting for a long time can increase the risk of getting heart disease. This is because your body spends so much much time in an inactive state. In 1953, a study was done whereby the researchers compared the lifestyle of drivers and bus conductors.

Bus drivers had twice the risk of dying from heart disease compared to bus conductors. This is because they spend most of their time sitting operating the wheels while conductors are always moving.

The same applies to spending so much time seated compared to alternating between standing and sitting while working. When you use a sit-stand desk, you tend to have a less sedentary lifestyle, which is crucial for your heart health.

5. Reduces blood Sugar Levels

When blood sugar increases in your body after taking meals, that’s a sign of poor health. This can happen regularly if you have type II diabetes. A particular study showed that workers who worked while sitting and standing alternatively after every 30 minutes helped their blood sugar lower by 11%.

It is crucial to stand, especially after taking meals, to reduce the risks of developing type II diabetes.

A different study was conducted among employees who worked while standing immediately after lunch hours. The results showed an increase in their blood sugar reduced by 43% instead of when they remained seated.

For this reason, if you remain sitting after taking meals, you get a higher risk of developing type II diabetes.

6. Adjustable desks prevent unhealthy weight gain

There is nothing as hard as losing weight. But it’s also easy to gain when you spend too much time sitting down. No matter how busy your mind might be, if you stay the whole day sitting in one position, your body won’t be burning any calories.

Remember, your food intake might be as usual. This leads to a lot of unused energy. Normally, when you sit down, you can only burn 50 to 102 calories, depending on your body’s weight.

However, when you stand up, you tend to burn about ten more calories. Doing this daily is crucial for your health as you tend to burn more calories while standing.

While that might be a small difference in burning calories, the difference could be significant when you think of the long-term effect of working while changing positions.

You need to make every effort to avoid unnecessary weight gain even if you go to the gym after work. The little efforts like alternating between standing and sitting also help you to avoid adding extra weight.

7. Promotes healthy muscles

Regular standing and physical activity makes your muscles strong. While standing up the whole day might not be a solution, changing positions is vital so that the spine can remain activated.

Adjustable desks can help you change from one position to another. This helps your muscles and spine to move frequently, which keeps them strong. Did you know that when you are seated down, your muscle activity usually is zero?

It can therefore lead to muscle breakdown when you keep sitting down for a long time. It might also hurt your musculoskeletal tissue system. The worst thing is that sitting too much can lead to bone degeneration.

Remember, it is challenging to reverse bone degeneration. The best way to relax your neck and back muscles is to change between standing and sitting regularly. Get adjustable desks to make this happen and have healthy muscles.

Have you made up your mind to get height-adjustable desks? The nature of your work doesn’t have to hinder you from living a healthy life. Neither does it have to make you less productive at work.

You have seen the numerous benefits of using these desks at work. Ensure that you get one and comfortably work without worries of health issues.