Lesley Stahl, the correspondent of CBS News “60 Minutes” stated that she’s finally recovering from the coronavirus severe symptoms after she was hospitalized for a week.

She said that she was extremely scared when she was fighting pneumonia that was caused by the COVID-19. She stayed home for 2 weeks before being transported to the hospital.

Stahl stated at the end of the broadcast that “One of the rules of journalism is ‘don’t become part of the story, but instead of covering the pandemic, I was one of the more-than-one-million Americans who did become part of it.”

Stahl, 78, is the chancellor of correspondents at TV’s most famous newsmagazine. She participated in “60 Minutes” in March 1991. The first TV interview for Stahl was with Donald Trump after he was an elected president.

Stahl said there was a cluster of “60 Minutes” employees with the virus. One “had almost no symptoms while others had almost every symptom you can imagine,” she said. “Each case is different.”

Stahl said that many employees of “60 minutes” were diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.

“In the face of so much death, they celebrate their triumphs,” she said.

60 Minutes did not name the hospital involved.

“Thanks to them, like so many other patients, I am well now,” she said. “Tonight, we all owe them our gratitude, our admiration, and, in some cases, our lives.”

3.5 million people were diagnosed with the virus worldwide, and more than 246,000 died, 66,000 from them are dead in the United States, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University. Experts say the numbers are most probably larger.