Vanessa Bryant
Vanessa Bryant

Love is the most wonderful feeling that urges to incredible feats and makes us happy and joyful, fearless and vulnerable. We would like to bring to your attention some bright proverbs about love and marriage from around the world.

  1. You cannot fit two loves in one heart. (Armenia)
  2. Where there is love, there is God. God is love. (Russia)
  3. Mountains are destroyed by an earthquake, love and friendship are destroyed by a word. (Tajikistan)
  4. Where there is no love, there is no joy. (Georgia)
  5. Love is worse than pain as it drives mad. (Ukraine)
  6. There is no rose without thorns and love without rivals. (Turkey)
  7. Love begins with the eyes. People fall in love with their eyes. (Russia)
  8. Separation for love is like the wind for fire: it extinguishes weak love and wakens the great one. (Spain)
  9. Love is the ring, and the ring has no end. (Russia)
  10. To understand parental love, you need to raise your own children. (Japan)
  11. People pay love for love. (Russia)
  12. Until you sacrifice your soul, you won’t find your beloved. (Turkey)
  13. At first die, and then I will love you. (Armenia)
  14. In love, one always kisses, and the other only turns his cheek. (France)
  15. Eyes speak, eyes listen. (Russia)
  16. Young love is like spring ice. (Ukraine)
  17. Love has no advisers. (Saudi Arabia)
  18. Eyes will tell about love. (Azerbaijan)
  19. A loved one should be regarded not with the eyes, but with the heart. (Israel)
  20. When love fades, you won’t light it in the oven either. (Russia)
  21. You can’t hide love, like an awl in a bag. (Ukraine)
  22. You will not cook compote even out of the sweetest love. (Israel)
  23. Life without love is like a year without spring. (Russia)
  24. A dry tree is easy to dig, and a feigned love is easy to break. (Mongolia)
  25. Love and hate are one thing. (one of the best Japanese proverbs about love)
  26. Only first love happens. (Saudi Arabia)
  27. Pain makes you cry, love makes you speak. (Turkey)
  28. A toad in love can swim across the sea. (Russia)
  29. Second love is like food warmed over a second time. (Russia)
  30. You cannot hide love, fire, and cough from people. (England)
  31. Head without love is like a barren pumpkin. (Iran)
  32. If you become a slave to love, do not whine because of its shackles. (Russia)
  33. You cannot buy a heart desire even for a thousand gold pieces. (China)
  34. Sometimes affection arises in an instant. (United Arab Emirates)
  35. When love and passion become friends, they sacrifice both heart and soul. (Russia)
  36. To buy a dog is the only way to buy love for money. (Turkey)
  37. Love is not an estate: it is impossible to buy it. (England)
  38. You cannot force someone to sing and love. (Germany)
  39. Love leads to a union, and deception leads to destruction. (Thailand)
  40. Love knows all languages. (Russia)
  41. Love lives both in shacks and palaces. (England)
  42. The love of a silent firefly is hotter than the love of a crackling cicada. (Japan)
  43. Love has no age. (England)
  44. Love is one, but it dwells in two hearts. (Assyria)
  45. Love kills time, and time kills love. (France)
  46. Love is like a disease – the older, the stronger. (Russia)
  47. Love is like a rice sprout: replant it – and it will grow elsewhere. (Spain)
  48. There is no bad love as well as a good prison. (France)
  49. Do not believe in love that smiles at every man you see. (Russia)
  50. Where love is small, there are many shortcomings. (England)
  51. Insincere love is fragile like a dry bough. (Mongolia)
  52. No bird is easier than the thought of love. (Russia)
  53. There is no cure for love. (Japan)
  54. A heart that has known true love at least once, will never forget it. (England)
  55. Three things cause love: faith, modesty, and generosity. (United Arab Emirates)

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