An earthquake of 4.2 preliminary magnitudes was recorded on Saturday Night by the US Geological Survey, in Oklahoma. 

The earthquake was recorded by the US Geological Survey (USGS) around 10:15 pm, with the epicenter being only 5 miles northwest of Perry. This is the largest Oklahoma earthquake recorded by USGS, since the one that occurred on May 17, 2019. The previous earthquake was of 4.4 magnitudes, with its epicenter being near Medford. 

The earthquake that occurred on Saturday night, could be felt throughout the state. The earthquake was felt in parts of Tulsa, as protesters filled the city’s downtown streets after President Donald Trump’s campaign rally. One viewer in Norman mentioned that her apartment “shook pretty hard”. There were reports stating that citizens felt the quake in Ponca City, Stillwater, and Oklahoma City. USGS located the depth of the quake to be 7.9 kilometers. 

Several earthquakes have been noted in Oklahoma, in recent years. This being the largest since the one in 2019. Reports have linked these earthquakes to the event of underground injection of wastewater, from gas and oil production. Many producers have also been directed to close some injection wells to reduce the tremors sent by the Earth.

The recent earthquake is also believed to be a part of the 2009-2019 Oklahoma earthquake swarms. This includes a series of human activity-induced earthquakes affecting parts of central Oklahoma, northern Texas, and southern Kansas.