Toyota Yaris
Toyota Yaris

Even before the new year hatches in the next few weeks, bookings for the new Yaris hatchback are already open in Malaysia. In fact, the RM 70,940 price tag on the 2021 Toyota Yaris was effected today 15th Dec. This model is available three variants: Toyota Yaris 1.5 E, 1.5 J, and 1.5 G.  

This is the time to make your booking, as the prices will go up come next year. 

                                                               2021 Toyota Yaris Price List 
Variant Toyota Yaris 1.5 J Toyota Yaris 1.5 E Toyota Yaris 1.5 G 
Without SST RM 70,940 RM 80,380 RM 84,808 
With SST (From 31st Dec) RM 73,000 RM 82,000 RM 87,000 

As Toyota releases the new Yaris, its biggest rivalry Toyota Vios also releases a new version of the Vios. Given the same colour shade, differentiating them is almost next to impossible. Both cars from Toyota share a lot in common in terms of safety and appearance.  

So, how does the All-New Toyota Yaris look like? 

From the onset, Toyota promised a new revised Toyota Yaris that’s restyled, sportier and adequately packed with safety features. And so they did. 

2021 Toyota Yaris: Bookings For The New Yaris Announced
Toyota Yaris 2021

Looking at the front end, Yaris is more aggressive and exhibits a commanding presence. The front bumper comprises of a black mesh grille, LED headlights, daylight running lights and an aerokit. For extra security, the bezel headlamps have a follow-me-home function.  

2021 Toyota Yaris: Bookings For The New Yaris Announced
Toyota Yaris 2021

Nothing now fascinates more in the new Yaris than the interior. Seating at the cockpit, the side mirrors will display blind spot around your car as the infotainment wide screen gives 3D panoramic view. The interior also comes with an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a wireless charger, auto air conditioning system and multi-information display. 

Since the dimensions are no greater than those of its predecessor, the interior space isn’t more spacious except for the cargo space. 

Toyota reaffirms the presence of extra safety feature but remains silent on engine and performance improvement.  

Therefore, we expect the obvious 2NR-VE, 1.5 L Dual VVT-I petrol engine. This naturally aspirated engine produces 140 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm and 107 ps at 6,000 rpm. 

From the look of things, this engine will be mated to a CVT transmission system to propel the hatchback from the front wheel.  

As the engine revs at its maximum strength, the cabin is designed to be the quietest among its competitors. And for smoother rides, the suspension system will absorb any shock on a bumpy road.   

Safety in the new 2021 Toyota Yaris is what Toyota promises in every word and sense. All variants feature the most reliable Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). The Pre – Collision System (PCS) alerts the driver of an imminent frontal collision and automatically applies brakes. Drive out of the lane and the Lane Departure Alert will send a signal to you. 

The other additional safety features included in the All-New Toyota Yaris are Vehicle Stability Control, Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring System, Electronic Brake-force Distribution and Rear /Front Digital Video Recorders. 


Toyota Yaris has been in the market for years. A lot of input has been witnessed over the years intentionally to improve its presence and make it exciting for buyers to own. But the enhancements in the new Yaris suggest otherwise. Safety is more considered than before.