The  Breonna Taylor case has rattled the entire nation to the core. We were still reeling under the tragedy of George Floyd when the  Breonna Taylor case came up and showed how deep the roots of systemic racism ran. There were 3 officers who were involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky. Mayor Greg Fischer has announced recently that one of the three officers who were involved in that murder has been arrested. Rob Schroeder, the chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department, is actively starting the process of termination. The culprit is Brett Hankison. Due to the constraints of the law, Mayor Fischer was not able to discuss the procedure and the time of execution of this decision with the chief of police, Rob Schroeder. Fischer identifies that this constraint is a bit limiting and it should be changed as well. 

The tragic death of Breonna Taylor has been on the news during the protests. Plainclothes policemen barged into her room with a no-knock warrant and shot her down. This was done under the pretext of a drug investigation. 

Officers Myles Cosgrove, Jonathan Mattingly, and Hankison were named as the culprits of the act by the family of Taylor.