Armenian antique books on view at Mazarine library in Paris

by Jean Eckian

Published: Monday November 05, 2012

One of the books exhibited. Jean Eckian

Paris - On October 26, the oldest French public library Mazarine in Paris, inaugurated a magnificent exhibition of Armenian old books "Of the revival to the Lights," to mark 500 years of the birth of the Armenian printing.

The exhibition presents 58 works. The exhibition reflects the wide and fragmented geography of the Armenian printing, including Venice, Rome, Constantinople, Amsterdam, Marseilles, Madras and elsewhere, and often difficult conditions in which the men of the book worked. Among the works, an Alphabetum Armenicum offered to Cardinal Mazarin (1602-61).

The exhibit is on view through November 30. For information visit

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Gala Danilova will discuss the Karabakh conflict and ongoing de-mining efforts at an LA area event on November 23; for details about this and other upcoming Armenian happenings in America consult the Calendar of Events.