Sahag-Mesrob School adopts a wild cat at Yerevan Zoo

Published: Wednesday November 09, 2011

Altadena school students.

Altadena, Calif. - Under the leadership of Mrs. Ivette Babikian, the 5th grade Science Instructor at Sahag Mesrob Armenian Christian School (SMACS), in Altadena, California, the fifth grade class of 2011-2012, adopted a Caracal at Yerevan Zoo in Armenia.

The students were given a choice of six animals and voted for the slender, long legged, short tailed, muscular cat, with a most conspicuous feature - its long black tipped ears. Caracals have a claim to fame of being the "fastest of all the small cats". This is one of the reasons the 5th graders voted for adopting the Caracal. 22 students gathered the money necessary to sponsor this animal.

We are happy and honored to announce that SMACS 5th graders are now the proud parents of one of the Yerevan Zoo's Caracals for the next year. They proudly named their Caracal, Havatk (‘Faith', in Armenian), since they have faith that more animals at the zoo will be sponsored and helped. They are eager to visit the Yerevan Zoo to meet Havatk one day. In the meantime, the 5th graders are proud and joyous that they can help and make a difference in this animal's life.

Thanks to the efforts of, Havatk is now a part of 22 fifth graders' lives.

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