Washington briefing: Coming up

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Russia on October 13–14.

by Emil Sanamyan

Published: Friday October 09, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Russia on October 13-14. Talks will likely focus on U.S. efforts to deal with Iran's nuclear program and a new U.S.-Russian strategic arms reduction plan.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Alexander Vershbow will be in Georgia on October 19-20 to follow up on security cooperation issues in the framework of the U.S.-Georgia Charter on Strategic Partnership.

Armenia's Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian may visit California next month to attend the Global Armenian High-Tech Business Conference to be held in San Jose on November 5-8. The trip, if it takes place, is not due to involve a stop in Washington. Last month, Armenia's Economics Ministry reported that the prime minister's trip to the United States was in the works.

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Aleppo citadel - site of the AGBU celebration in Oct. 2008 (pictured) - is now in ruins. AGBU

Calendar of Events

The uncertain fate of Armenian communities in the Middle East and particularly in Aleppo will be discussed on Sept. 29 in LA and Oct. 9 in Boston; for details about these and other upcoming Armenian happenings in America consult the Calendar of Events.