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Washington briefing: U.S. sees Turkey, others as “emerging global powers”

by Emil Sanamyan

Published: Saturday July 18, 2009

Washington - "America's mission in the world today [is] to exercise American leadership to solve problems in concert with others," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared as she outlined U.S. foreign policy priorities in a July 15 speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Mrs. Clinton suggested that the United States was not concerned by what many U.S. experts see as the growing influence of regional powers, and she argued, "just as no nation can meet these [global] challenges alone, no challenge can be met without America."

"We will also put special emphasis on encouraging major and emerging global powers - China, India, Russia, and Brazil, as well as Turkey, Indonesia, and South Africa - to be full partners in tackling the global agenda," Mrs. Clinton said.

Last month, leaders of Brazil, China, India, and Russia, the so-called BRIC countries, held an inaugural gathering in the Russian city of Yekatirinburg and pledged cooperation in challenging U.S. dominance in the world politics.

Turkey, the only NATO member among the countries listed by Mrs. Clinton, has increasingly promoted policies that are frequently at odds with U.S. goals. Underscoring Washington's interest in Ankara, both Secretary Clinton and President Barack Obama paid visits to Turkey within months of coming to office.

"These states are vital to achieving solutions to the shared problems and advancing our priorities - nonproliferation, counterterrorism, economic growth, climate change, among others," Mrs. Clinton went on. "With these states, we will stand firm on our principles even as we seek common ground."

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