Project SAVE welcomes volunteers

Published: Wednesday March 11, 2009

Project SAVE Archives staff and interns, 2008, from left, Suzanne Adams, archivist, Jessica Brody, Simmons College intern, Aram Sarkissian, archival assistant, Maritza Ebling, Newton Country Day School community-service volunteer, Ruth Thomasian, executive director. Tom Vartabedian Watertown, Mass. - Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives, located in Watertown Square, welcomes volunteers, from high school students to college interns to accomplishment-oriented seniors seeking meaningful ways to continue using their skills and expertise. (High school students may count hours worked at Project SAVE Archives towards their community service requirement.)

"If you love history, photography, or the study of people, please consider volunteering," says archivist and volunteer coordinator Suzanne Adams.

Project SAVE offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities-everything from administrative tasks and archival work to service on committees.  Opportunities include cataloging photographs, writing and editing, fundraising, and transcribing oral tapes, just to mention a few.

"We love to work hands-on with people, processing photographs, adds Executive Director Ruth Thomasian, "whether it's student interns or senior citizens or the general public."

Project SAVE welcomes all inquiries regarding volunteer opportunities. "Do be in touch," Ms. Adams encourages, "and ask about our TeamSAVE friends' group in your community."


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