“I am Armenian and we are a nation of fighters”

by Seda Stepanyan

Published: Saturday October 04, 2008

David Nalbandian at a press briefing in Yerevan. Photolure

David Nalbandian at a press briefing in Yerevan. Photolure

Yerevan - David Nalbandian said these words during a press conference in Yerevan on October 2. The professional tennis player, who is ranked 7th in the world, arrived in Armenia on the invitation of Argentinian-Armenian investor Eduardo Eurnekian. On October 2, Mr. Nalbandian gave master classes to young Armenian tennis players and then played a friendly exhibition game with Armenia's top lawn tennis player Harutyun Sofyan.

The renowned tennis player said that he always dreamed of coming to Armenia but there was never enough time because of his extremely tight schedule. He will be in Armenia for three days but hopes that he will be able to travel to his "first" homeland more often after finishing his career in professional tennis.  "I have two homelands and Armenia is the first one. I am proud to be able to be here" said Nalbandian.

During the press conference, Mr.  Nalbandian recalled that he won his first championship at 12 years old and devoted his victory to his family, which included his father Norberto (deceased), mother Alda, and two older brothers Dario and Javier, who also play tennis.

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