John McCain writes to Armenian-Americans

Published: Thursday October 02, 2008

The following letter was issued on October 1, 2008.


Dear Friends,

The Armenian-American community has contributed richly to the American fabric and has been instrumental in ensuring that a terrible tragedy is never forgotten.

It is fair to say that one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, the brutal murder of as many as one and a half million Armenians under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, has also been one of the most neglected. The suffering endured by the Armenian people during that period represented the prologue to what has come to be known as humanity's bloodiest century. It is our responsibility to recognize those tragic events and to ensure that our world never experiences the impact of the bloody conflicts that so filled the 20th century.

In light of that history, the rise of the independent Republic of Armenia from such painful experiences is inspirational, as is the vibrancy of the Armenian diaspora. In particular, I deeply admire both Armenia's support of coalition operations in Iraq and NATO peacekeeping efforts in Kosovo. In my visits to Armenia, I have been deeply impressed by the resilient and hard working Armenian people who have made tremendous progress in very difficult circumstances.

Our country is greatly enriched by the descendents of the victims and survivors of the horrific tragedy that befell the Armenian people. Today Armenian-Americans represent that indestructible spirit of a people and embody the principles of freedom and democracy that all Americans prize above all else. I am grateful for all of the contributions that Armenian-Americans have made to our wonderful country and I greatly value the opportunity to stand with the Armenian-American community in my campaign and as the next President of the United States.



John McCain







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